Hydrogen fired electricity generation

What is Element 1?

TERIC Power and URICA Energy Management Urica intend to develop a standalone hydrogen based electricity generation project in Alberta named Element 1. We are currently seeking low carbon hydrogen supply as a fuel source and partners interested in collaborating to bring Element 1 to fruition. 

Why Hydrogen?

Within Canada and Alberta, Federal and Provincial governments are championing hydrogen as a necessary component of achieving Net Zero by 2050. Hydrogen is uniquely suited due to its low emission footprint, high energy content, and presence in virtually all jurisdictions to play a key role in this transition.  

The combination of Green (renewable electricity-to-electrolysis-to-electricity) and Blue (SMR + Carbon Capture and Sequestration-to-electricity) are predicted to lead the way as no and low carbon hydrogen supply options. 



What we are looking for

Hydrogen supply

Alberta based Blue/Green hydrogen or waste hydrogen as a fuel source for electrical generation. It is anticipated that the volume required will increase over time. 


Natural gas supply

Current turbine technology requires natural gas as a fuel source until solutions are in place to shift to full Hydrogen as a fuel source. It is anticipated that the volume of gas required will decrease over time.


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