Traditional oil producers are being forced to "shut-in" their production activities due to the Regulators restricting the flaring or venting of solution or associated gas.

TERIC's gas-to-electricity generation equipment allows these producers to ""sell their molecules as electrons"" by converting the flare or stranded gas to electricity. A traditional oil producer can either sell the generated electricity directly to the provincial grid or participate in a fixed-fee provincially-sponsored incentive program.

The Cactus Lake Project is a flaregas-to-electricity generation facility near Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan, and is a joint-venture between TERIC and Sphere Energy Corp.
The 750kW generation project utilizes flare gas from oil wells owned by Sphere, collecting the gas that was previously flared from approximately 10 sites within Sphere’s oil field. The project, which is 100% grid-connected, sells electricity to SaskPower under the SaskPower Flare Gas Program, which provides a fixed-fee and fixed-term (20-year) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to the generator.
The project, which was engineered, and constructed, and is operated by TERIC, reduces the carbon footprint of Sphere’s operations while providing a positive economic return on gas that was previously wasted.
The project shows TERIC’s commitment to developing and producing clean electricity energy projects that provide real economic returns to the owners.


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