Traditional gas producers are being forced to "shut-in" their production activities due to the lack of or removal of existing midstream (processing, compression and pipeline) infrastructure, or due to the poor economics of conventional gas production.

TERIC's gas-to-electricity generation equipment allows these producers to "sell their molecules as electrons" by converting the produced gas to electricity. A traditional gas producer can either sell the generated electricity directly to the provincial grid or utilize it for onsite power supply.

The Sunrise Project converts regular production gas into electricity, which is then sold to the Alberta grid.
TERIC developed the Sunrise Project after having purchased the oil and gas field to in order to develop a working and proven example of an oilfield gas-to-electricity application.
Since then the oil and gas wells have been sold off, but TERIC continues to own and operate the generation component.
TERIC conducted all regulatory, engineering, and construction management activities, successfully commissioning the project in July 2015.
TERIC now has the ability to operate in a variety of manners, maximizing the spark spread between gas and electricity through continuous duty, peaking-only, or a variety thereof to maximize returns.
All electricity is sold to the AESO for consumption by Alberta consumers.
The project reinforces the fact that oil and gas producers who have stranded or associated solution gas, are not forced to "shut-in" their production activities due to the lack of “traditional sales points”.