Board of Directors

Kent Brown – Board Chair

Kent Brown is a leader in the Canadian climate tech sector, with over 20 years of C-Suite, entrepreneurial, founder, and investor experience.

Kent was a co-founder of BluEarth Renewables Inc., and has an established track record of starting, scaling and maturing sustainable companies with strong cultures, highly engaged and performing teams, and strong (2.5x-10x) investment returns. Kent has successfully operated within the PE ecosystem as entrepreneur-founder-CEO, having raised over $3 billion in start-up capital. Kent has an extensive history of interest in and success building strong and meaningful Indigenous partnerships.

Kent has been named as one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People, a Clean Energy Canada Innovator of the Year, a Clean50 Outstanding Contributor to Clean Capitalism, and Canada’s Top Energy Innovator.

Kent currently also holds the Board Chair role at Canary Biofuels and VEERUM, is a board member of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, and serves as a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab.

Ross Keating – Board Member

Ross Keating is former President and Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. (CHD), a company he co-founded in 1989 with his brother John. Canadian Hydro was solely focused on low-impact electric power generation in Canada. At the time it was acquired by a major Alberta utility, Canadian Hydro was Canada’s largest and most successful pure-play renewable energy developer.  It owned and operated 694 MW (Net) of generating capacity represented by 21 EcoLogo® Certified run-of-river hydroelectric, wind and biomass energy plants in central and western Canada.

Ross received lifetime achievement awards from each of the Independent Power Producers Society of British Columbia and the Association of Power Producers of Ontario. In 2012, Ross was named to Canada’s 2012 Clean50 as an outstanding contributor to clean capitalism.

Ross served as a Director at BluEarth Renewables Inc., and its subsidiary, H2O Power between 2010 and 2019. Both companies focused on new renewable energy technology opportunities.

Ross has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the planning, developing, financing, constructing, and operating of wind, hydro and solar plant facilities.

Kevin Gilbank – Board Member