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Photo of Kevin Gilbank, TERIC Founder & CEO

Kevin Gilbank

Founder, CEO – Board Member

A co-founder of TERIC, Kevin is a leader who provides clear direction for TERIC, charting the course of the organization,…
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Shaun Andrews

Vice President, Business Development and Origination

Shaun brings a breadth of knowledge gained over the last 23 years in the power sector across Canada and parts…
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Photo of Craig Barnes, TERIC Founder & Vice President of Development

Craig Barnes

Founder, Vice-President – Corporate Strategy and Services

A co-founder of TERIC, Craig is able to offer a different lens of thought-leadership which enhances TERIC’s approach to problem…
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Photo of Kolja Vainstein, TERIC Vice President of Projects

Kolja Vainstein

Vice-President – Projects

Out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving are two key qualities that Kolja brings to his role at TERIC. His ability to look…
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Photo of Shawn McDonald, TERIC General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Shawn McDonald

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Diverse-experience is an understatement when exploring what Shawn brings to his role at TERIC. From the public to private sector…
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Photo of Kent Brown, TERIC Board Chair & co-Chief Financial Officer

Kent Brown

Board Chair | co – Chief Financial Officer

A leader in the Canadian climate tech sector with over 20 years of experience who has quite literally “done it…
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Photo of Ross Keating, TERIC Board Member

Ross Keating

Board Member

The TERIC team could not imagine a better Board Member to advise it than Ross. He is a “maverick” in…
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Photo of Glen Phelps, TERIC co-Chief Financial Officer

Glen Phelps

co - Chief Financial Officer

A leader in private equity and corporate development for more than 25 years, TERIC is privileged to have Glen as…
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