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Kevin Gilbank - TERIC Founder & CEO

Kevin Gilbank

Founder, CEO – Board Member

Kevin is a co-founder of TERIC and has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since December 2013. Kevin has…
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Craig Barnes - TERIC Founder & Vice President of Development

Craig Barnes

Founder, Vice-President – Development

Craig is a co-founder of TERIC and has held the position of Vice-President, Development since December 2013. Craig has extensive…
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Kolja Vainstein - TERIC Vice President of Projects

Kolja Vainstein

Vice-President – Projects

Kolja has over 15 years of renewable energy experience developing and constructing utility scale solar, wind, and battery energy storage…
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Shawn McDonald - TERIC General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Shawn McDonald

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Shawn has held positions in the oil and gas industry, with both private and publicly traded companies, including Director, President,…
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Kent Brown - TERIC Board Chair & co-Chief Financial Officer

Kent Brown

Board Chair | co – Chief Financial Officer

Kent Brown is a leader in the Canadian climate tech sector, with over 20 years of C-Suite, entrepreneurial, founder, and…
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Ross Keating - TERIC Board Member

Ross Keating

Board Member

Ross Keating is former President and Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. (CHD), a company he co-founded in…
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Glen Phelps - TERIC co-Chief Financial Officer

Glen Phelps

co - Chief Financial Officer

Glen Phelps has over 25 years of experience in private equity and corporate development across diverse industries, with proven return…
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