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We're an industry pioneer in Energy Storage. Achievements include:

Reduce operational costs (and be green).

Enhanced Load and Batteries (eLAB) is an all encompassing, turnkey solution which co-locates a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with your production facility.

Your ability to extract value from the grid is enabled by eLAB. With eLAB you can access a myriad of benefits ↓

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    Extract value through market participation. (Energy, Operating Reserves, Fast Frequency Response)

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    Cost Avoidance

    Decrease the all-in cost of electricity. (Energy, Distribution, Transmission)

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    Capital Efficient

    Minimal sunk capital and asset flexibility. (Modular, Reconfigurable, Relocatable)

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    Power Continuity

    Increased plant production & output. (Uninterruptible Power Supply, Power Conditioning, Improved Capacity)

Photo of Kolja Vainstein, TERIC Vice President of Projects
eLAB is totally bespoke, custom-tailored to your operations with various investment options available.

Kolja Vainstein, TERIC Engineering

Common Questions

We've compiled some of the most frequent questions we get about eLAB projects.

We’ve been developing distributed power projects for nearly a decade with a proven ability to manage some of the more challenging aspects of BESS projects:

  • Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) licensing;
  • Community engagement & approvals; and
  • EPC & commissioning and comfort in managing operations.

BESS projects are complex to integrate, complex to get right.

  • Minor decisions can have a dramatic effect, we fully understand this offering from end to end with a history of successful projects, stress testing, and lessons learned.
  • While many profess to  implement a battery solution… We’re among the few who can make it work both physically and fiscally.

eLAB is a multi-purpose tool for extracting value from the asset.

  • Site-specific forecast economic analysis can prove eLAB solution.
  • Configuration and capacity are key inputs.
  • Income is generated by tapping-in to multiple revenue products.
  • Expenses are minimized through cost avoidance & efficient operations.

eLAB requires the right design and ongoing management.

  • Several revenue products change hourly.
  • Continuous monitoring & real-time adjustments required.
  • Revenue products change over time (opportunity & participation).
  • Asset flexibility and dynamic commercial direction are key to returns.

With a long-term vested interest, TERIC is your partner for the entire life of the asset.

Please contact us using the form below, or visit our contact page. We’ll be in touch shortly thereafter.

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