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With many new renewable generation projects poised to come online, combined with the challenges facing carbon emitting thermal generation, the Alberta grid will require a significant amount of new storage projects to support it and to reduce GHG emissions. TERIC Power’s Fluiditi Battery Storage Project is a commercially innovative battery storage pilot project that is being developed to ensure grid reliability, reduced GHG emissions, and provide cost effective power for Albertans.

The project will be a stand-alone project adjacent to ATCO’s Saddle Hills substation in northern Alberta, connected to the electricity grid via an existing distribution powerline. The project will provide value to the AESO power grid through safe, flexible, long-life economic storage assets. TERIC’s Fluiditi Battery Storage Project will demonstrate the economic viability of distribution-connected utility-scale battery storage projects that charge during periods of low carbon intensity from the Alberta grid, to then reduce peak power prices and provide grid reliability services. TERIC intends to commence stakeholder consultation activities shortly.

  • Stage Development
  • Type Utility Scale Energy Storage
  • Size/Duration (phase 1) 5MW/20MWh
  • Size/Duration (phase 2) 28MW/112MWh

Project Location

This project is located ~38 km NW of Grand Prairie AB

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