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Irrican Power has partnered with TERIC Power to develop the Irrican Raymond eBAR (enhanced Battery and Renewables) project. The project will be constructed and operated by TERIC at the SW-30-5-20-W4 surface location, approximately six kilometers south of the Town of Raymond, Alberta. The project will be located on privately owned land and will consist of a 15.4-megawatt capacity lithium-ion battery storage system.

This project will be connected to and located adjacent to the existing Raymond Reservoir Hydro Plant. The project will be used to store energy provided by both the Hydro Plant and from the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. Once installed, the project will be able to store excess renewable energy and release it during periods of high electricity demand and provide grid reliability services to the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). TERIC has submitted the regulatory application for this project.

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  • Stage Development
  • Type Utility Scale Energy Storage
  • Size/Duration 15.4MW/30.8MWh

Project Location

This project is located roughly 40km south of Lethbridge AB.

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