TERIC Power Ltd. is an Alberta-based Independent Power Producer (IPP) headquartered in Calgary, Canada.
In business since 2013, TERIC’s specialized gas-to-electricity generation applications generate sustainable and clean power for multiple provincial electricity markets, provide behind-the-fence power solutions for clients seeking alternatives to traditional utility solutions, and provide innovative applications for clients with waste or stranded gas products:
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Cogeneration (COGEN):  
TERIC’s vison is the delivery of better power generation solutions – where the demand is highest.

TERIC’s management team, made up of “working owners”, has the required management, engineering, and operational expertise to develop cost competitive projects, and provide stable long-term power into the provinces where we work or to the clients that we serve.

As a project developer, TERIC develops, owns and operates industry-leading power generation projects in partnership with progressive stakeholders and leading technology providers.