Delivered electricity prices are being driven upward by provincial programs to shut in coal-fired generation, by increased transmission and distribution (delivery) charges, and through the provincial and federal carbon tax programs. Capital-constrained organizations are seeking options to reduce operating costs and are looking for less expensive and more sustainable alternatives to grid-supplied electricity.

TERIC’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Cogeneration (COGEN) units generate the power onsite or at the consumer’s demand source, allowing the consumer to eliminate the utility’s transmission and distribution charges, reduce their generation costs and receive credits by having a lower emission source than the grid standard.

TERIC has a diverse portfolio of CHP assets, operating under varying management models. TERIC can either sell the generated power back to the consumer on a per-unit basis, or in the case where the consumer owns the unit, TERIC can be responsible for all long-term operation and maintenance activities.

In all installations, TERIC’s CHP clients realize significant savings by avoiding the payment of the utility’s associated transmission and delivery costs, and by capturing and monetizing the “waste heat”.


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